Welcome to WCHLC Housing Regeneration!

Living-Space Housing Regeneration is here to try to help improve and regenerate social housing in Britain.According to a recent survey, over 25% of houses in London boroughs are overcrowded and the number of people renting housing from a local authority is on the up.

There are many reasons you may need housing, in recent years it has become almost impossible to get a mortgage or find affordable rent in certain parts of the country. This has led to an increase in people renting homes; however, houses which are leased are not always up to scratch.

Examples of housing problems are:

  • overcrowding
  • serious special problems
  • where your home needs a lot of repairs or work which cannot be done while you are living in it
  • Under occupation

Living-Space Housing Regeneration hopes to find you a better standard of living. It is our aim to find properties which are up to a high quality living standard at prices which are easily affordable and in areas which you feel safe and secure.

Homelessness is on the rise and councils need to take preventative action, the Office of Deputy Prime Minister has warned. 2017

A training project has boosted the recruitment of black people onto housing association boards, a new report published this week reveals. Minority communities make up 33% of the population in Southwark. But a survey by local housing associations discovered that three-quarters of mainstream boards did not reflect the ethnic balance of the borough.

The WCHLC partners are committed to helping build communities that offer sporting and cultural opportunities for all, are rich in local heritage, and enjoy the benefits of design excellence. To this end this they have compiled a library of resources which offer guidance, advice and practical support to all those who are working to build sustainable communities. With information on issues from street design to heritage conservation, these resources will be useful to designers, planners, and community activists.

A full list of the WCHLC partner resources can be found here.

Alongside living places, there are a wide range of programmes and organisations working to improve the quality of communities. This section contains information about these, sources of relevant news, and links to some of the resources produced by external organisations.

Resources produced by organisations not part of the living places partnership can be found here. 

The Police Pensioners’ Housing Association Ltd (PPHA)

The Police Pensioners’ Housing Association Ltd (PPHA) is a Registered Charity (No. XN 23781A) which is managed by an elected committee, mainly consisting of retired Police Officers

The PPHA was founded in 1968 to establish sheltered warden assisted accommodation for Police Pensioners and their spouses, their widows or widowers from any police area who are over sixty years of age and are capable of looking after themselves. The first properties were purchased at The Croft in 1992 and the Association now owns more than half of the apartments in this sheltered ho