How to Properly Clean Your Home When Moving Out

Moving home cleaning tips

Time is never enough when it comes to cleaning your house at the end of the lease. Doing a thorough and deep cleaning is always a major undertaking and requires a lot of time and effort.

Time, however, is what you have least when you have to move out. This is why, it is essential to plan and organise everything in advance – you need to have at least a vague idea about how much time each room will need (this means that you have to think about exactly what needs to be cleaned in each room and how long it usually takes to deal with this).

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Tips for cleaning your kitchen when your lease has ended

DIY End of Lease Clean

  • The kitchen is one of the rooms that will take up a lot of your time (unless you hate cooking and use only the refrigerator and microwave)


  • The oven, microwave and the extractor fan need to be de-greased and if you enjoy cooking, a huge challenge is ahead of you, as De-greasing needs a lot of work and takes up a lot of time (45 minutes for the oven, 35 minutes for the microwave, 45 minutes for the extractor fan). Visit this website.


  • Cleaning the refrigerator, the freezer and the washing machine will need at least two hours depending on their size (remember, you have to clean them both inside and outside.) Cleaning tips here.


  • Drawers, cupboards, doors, door frames, door handles, switches and sockets – how much time will you need for these things? It depends on how many of them you have, but you should plan at least 3 hours for these – it may be not so difficult but for sure it is time-consuming. Safety tips here.


  • Cleaning / De-greasing the tiles, mopping the floor, polishing the worktops – you should leave this for the very end as this is the easiest part, the one you probably do on weekly basis and it won’t take you more than 30-45 minutes


  • The Bathroom – you should take at least 3-4 hours in order to clean everything properly; the procedure includes cleaning the tiles, floors, sink, taps, the shower and shower enclosure, bath, polishing the mirrors, cleaning the cupboards on the inside and disinfecting the toilet; as you can see there is not a thing in the bathroom that you can skip.


  • Bedrooms – make sure you vacuum them and clean the dust from the top of any wardrobes (25-30 minutes for each bedroom)


  • Living room – again you should vacuum and clean the dust, however, this room is used more than the bedrooms and there is more furniture, you will probably need at least an hour to deal with everything.


  • Window cleaning – you should deal with them at once (instead of dealing with the windows for each room separately); it depends how many rooms and how many windows you have but you should bear in mind that you will need quite some time to handle them and that you may have to clean them a second time as sometimes not all the dirt comes off at once. View more information.

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